Natural vs. Programming Languages

What would happen if natural languages behaved like programming languages?

I’m no expert in programming languages, but I know enough to realize that the slightest mistake can mess up hundreds of lines of code. Luckily for us, speakers of natural languages are better at deciphering messages, even those abound in morphosyntactic blunders.

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Diacritical Error

Tö thøse wîth diåcrìtics iñ theïr näme… I şeê yoü!

Having diacritics in your name is a bit of a nuisance whenever you are abroad, because letters that are commonplace in your language might not exist in others. Whether you want to open a bank account or have some clerk look you up in a data base, it seems like technology doesn’t always acknowledge our existence. Programmers of the world, we want answers!

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