8 thoughts on “Int. Childfree Day

  1. I didn’t know there was a day for that but everyone deserves a special day. It must be hard sometimes because everyone expects you to have children, whether you want to or not, or whether you are able to or not.

    Happy Childfree Day.


    • Thank you, Marianne!

      Yes, everyone deserves a special day and, above all, everyone deserves the freedom to decide what to do with their own life, no questions asked. It baffles me that such personal questions are so commonplace in social gatherings and work events, even among people who barely know each other. It’s really intrusive, and I can’t imagine how painful it must be when people who can’t but wish to have children are on the receiving end.


      • I know a few people like that and how horrible it is for them. But even if you don’t want children, it’s nobody’s business but yours and your partner. A child is a big commitment and a lot of work (and expensive) and I don’t blame anyone who don’t want to put another child in today’s world. I don’t know whether I would.
        We were married for six years (and together even longer) before we had our first child. We just weren’t ready before. But the comments you get sometimes … so, your husband isn’t able to get you pregnant, maybe I can come over and help out. Blurgh. So, I totally get it.


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