A New Chapter Begins

It’s been a couple of frantic months, but I finally took some time to draw this weekend, and this sketch might give some clues as to where Linguist Gone Foreign is headed.

Sketch depicting events in January: new exciting job, a new journey begins, plans to move to Berlin.

In the past few years I have been doodling language strips, illustrating culture clashes, and redoing old comics without much of a roadmap in mind. As fun as that can be, I have become disenchanted with social media due to the nonexistent reach and growth, despite my efforts to build a community – which is why you should subscribe to the blog, so that you don’t miss any content!

In a last attempt, I migrated to Mastodon back in November and decided to just draw whenever I pleased, without a diabolical algorithm dictating my publishing schedule or content. After all, Linguist Gone Foreign has always been a fun pastime and it should keep sparking joy.

I have also tackled serious topics like migration and identity in #MigrantStories, wondering if drawings are the most appropriate medium to this purpose. I’m still pondering how I could rethink the format to make it work, but the epiphany hasn’t arrived yet. There’s also the thought of starting a solo podcast to rant about daily crap we witness or deal with, but my unwillingness to put my voice and face out there keeps rendering the idea moot.

In addition, I have been putting a book together, a collection of illustrated articles about linguistic and cultural curiosities around the world. Working on the book is a blast, but I can barely make progress with the tight agenda. I hope it sees the light of day before water levels rise and swallow us all.

And finally, there’s sketch journaling, which is proving to be a pleasant way to document daily happenstances and reflect upon thoughts in an illustrated dairy kind of way. Since I’m moving to another city in the near future, sketch journaling could be great to capture the new findings, curiosities, highs and lows of this next chapter abroad.

What do you think? Let me know by casting your vote or dropping a comment. Stay healthy and awesome!

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The Adventurer’s Map for Spanish Learners

English had its Great Vowel Shift and left us trembling with its devious phonology, Finnish has given us headaches for ages with its many cases, German wanted to drive us insane with its convoluted syntax and trennbare Verben… but Spanish speakers avenged themselves by creating the subjuntivo and a handful of past tenses in order to mess around with Spanish learners. ¡La diversión está servida!

If the text is too tiny to read, click here!